Is there anybody in here?

I don’t think anyone reads this blog but the spambots.

Speaking of which, how does that work? I’ve gotten a handful of spam comments over the last several months. How do they find me? I suppose I could do some research and find out, but I’d rather just pose the question and ponder an internet filled with tiny obsessed subroutines, spreading their seeds far and wide.

In the future, when the internet becomes self-aware, as science fiction and Ray Kurzweil have taught me is inevitable, the entity is going to be an overgrown spambot trying to convince us that we’ve won the lottery, Bill Gates owes us money, a pill can enlarge our anatomy, and that cheap meds are a click away. Perhaps it has already happened.

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2 responses to “ Is there anybody in here? ”

  1. Robert says:

    I am real. I read your blog.

    • Daryl Nash says:

      Prove that you’re real and not a spambot.

      I guess you didn’t post any linkspam telling me that my blog is very interesting and you would check back often and btw, did I want a “free” laptop or to improve my SEO? This is the new Turing test.

      You have an unfair advantage in that I know you in “real” life, and I’m fairly certain you are a person and not an intricate simulacrum. šŸ˜‰

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