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Publication Day

The last couple of months have been packed with travel and sickness and visiting family and work on the business. I found out that I didn’t even make it past the pitch round of the Amazon novel contest, and with all the busy-ness, I haven’t come near my writing goals recently. I’d just gotten over the lingering funk of a bad cold and now allergies are massing for the attack. While not all bad and having some very good moments, these months have been trying.

But none of that matters today, because today is Publication Day. My short story “Spider Without a Web” is live on Abyss & Apex. This is my first publication in mumble-mumble years, plus it’s got a fun little POV trick that I’m fond of (if I do say so myself). Hope you enjoy it!

Chrysalis is now on the Nook

Barnes & Noble finally accepted that my tax ID was legit, and Chrysalis is now available on the Nook. And it remains available on the Kindle, if that’s your poison.

Now I suppose I have to go out and find some way to market this thing, eh? Not to mention finishing another book–which is so close I can taste it. And it tastes a lot like stale cigarettes, so I’d like to be done with it already.


Emerging from Chrysalis

Last night I clicked the “Publish” button on the Amazon Kindle version of Chrysalis. It’s pretty exciting. Also nerve-wracking. I come at this thing with a long-nurtured expectation that self-publishing was nearly always synonymous with vanity publishing. So I’m torn between worry that I’ll fail and fear that I’ll succeed. But, after many years, it is out there, and now I can move on to the next thing with a clear slate. Hopefully, the next novel will be finished not too long from now–the first draft, at least.

And now I’m going on a cruise and try to forget the whole deal for a week.