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Johnny Griffin has stumbled onto a plot to bring about Armageddon. Again.

Griffin, who used to be a cop and an honest-to-God American hero, now has to take scutwork as a private eye to make enough money to feed his addiction to Truth, a drug made from the blood of angels. Ananke, half-angel and daughter of a high profile priestess for a cult turned respectable church, hires Johnny to find her missing mother.

And then things get apocalyptic….

Truth is a Drug

On a Parisian sabbatical to reinvent herself after a disastrous divorce, Maria Ivory is drawn into a romance that will transform her in ways she cannot imagine…

A brutal double homicide half a world away sets off the final phase of a secret experiment that brings her back home to confront the painful marriage and the miscarriage that she had been trying to forget. The deeper that the police investigation delves into the conspiracy, the closer that Maria edges toward madness. Will she become another statistic in a long line of unsolved homicides, or can she make herself something new?


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