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Ossuary (Flash Fiction)

Chuck Wendig does occasional flash fiction challenges on his blog. Wanting an excuse to stop fretting over the novel I’m bashing my head against, I decided to give it a try.

Enjoy? (more…)

Quantum Links and GEnies

My friend Robert is taking a MOOC on Internet History, and one of his assignments was to write up a personal internet history. Reading his confirmed that I’ve been a big ole geek for a long time. Plus, it sounded like fun, so I decided to write up one of my own.

But the first I have to change the parameters, because my history with the internet would barely tell the true story. I didn’t really discover the internet until the early 90s, but I was online starting in the mid 80s. Originally, I had been waiting for the computer add-on that was promised for the Atari 2600, but when that turned out to be vaporware, my first computer was a Commodore 64. I think that was 1985, when I was in sixth grade.



Dangerous Grammar

Just cleaning out the spam filter and came across this gem:

I have to say, I dont know if its the clashing colours or the dangerous grammar, however this weblog is hideous! I imply, I dont need to sound like a know-it-all or anything, however could you could have presumably put a little bit extra effort into this subject. Its really fascinating, but you dont signify it well at all, man.

Thanks for the constructive criticism, man. I’ll try to signify better next time, man.

I think I’ve found the new title for my blog: “Dangerous Grammar”.